ISIS commander Abu Omar al-Shishani, otherwise known as Omar the Chechen, is now dead due to sustained injuries caused by the airstrike on March 4 in northeast Syria.

This latest information was according to the US military officials, who previously expressed caution regarding the commander’s status due to lack of concrete evidence that he had been killed in the attack.

ISIS commander Abu Omar al-Shishani, as confirmed today by a U.S. official through ABC News, has indeed been killed from the airstrike. However, there was one survivor, according to US military spokesman Col. Steve Warren,  CNN reported.

As explained by Col. Warren, there were about 13 ISIS members in the town of al-Shaddadi in Syria, which has been struck by the US aircraft. He said that they knew that 12 of these members got killed and only was able to limp away. According to him, it has been believed that Omar the Chechen, with a birth name of Tarkhan Tayumurazovich Batirashvili,  survived the airstrike.

But according to a defense official, after the airstrike, several waves of unmanned and manned US aircraft were conducted. The official stated that the first assessment found that al-Shishani was possibly killed, yet asked some caution since there was no concrete proof of his death.

The official also said that it was significant and unusual for al-Shishani to have come to the al-Shaddadi location from Raqqa. He noted that this could be a way to boost the declining morale of ISIL fighters. Al-Shaddadi was recently captured from ISIS by a group of Kurdish and Arab rebels with the support of the US.

ISIS commander Abu Omar al-Shishani, was the terrorist group’s equivalent of the Minister of War, according to a statement made by Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook on Tuesday. Cook said that al-Shishani was a Shura Council member and an ISIL senior commander who was known as the commander being shown in a public video being distributed by ISIL, International Business Times reported.