Sailors who failed the  strict fitness test of the US Navy will be given a second chance. The decision has been taken as the force has not found enough crew members. Thousand of sailors who have repeatedly failed in the test for their physical fitness will get another chance.

The service branch slackened its body fat restrictions in January and would allow 2,400 people, who had failed earlier.  They will be tested under more lenient guidelines, as reported by The Guardian. The new guidelines resulted from the objective to improve and retain as much people as possible as the branch is building its cyber warfare strategy.

The struggle to lose weight is so intense that some personnel even underwent liposuction, took diet pills and got on crash diets.

Last year Vice Admiral Bill Moran said , “What we’ve tried to do in this policy change — with the tenets of better health and being mission ready as the focus — is to also make sure we’re not throwing out good sailors because we can’t meet both ends of that spectrum.”

US Navy’s old guidelines suggested that it allowed 22 percent body fat for man ages 17-39. The new guidelines allow 26 percent. Women in the same age range were allowed 33 percent body fat and now they are accepted with 36 percent of body fat, reported The Telegraph.

According to Ottawa Citizen, a study conducted by Pentagon in 2014 showed that  around two third of Americans would disqualify for the armed services as a result of different health issues, obesity, and incomplete high school education.

Ray Mabus , the  US Navy secretary claimed that the service is not lowering standard by changing the guidelines. On the contrary, it is adjusting to reality that people are bigger but not necessarily fat nowadays.

In 2011 the number of people who failed the fitness test was 694. In 2014 the number had jumped to 1536.

However, the decision to change the guideline is debated by many.  US Navy service members have complained that the Defense Department’s  method of testing fitness punishes bulkier muscular built.

In Britain, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has instructed the army heads to allow women to fight on the frontline