A US man stabbed several people at a home and then drove his car to a  shopping centre and stabbed two others. Two people were killed in the fatal stabbings although the man was later shot and killed by an off-duty law enforcement officer. People present in the scene tweeted about the stabbing spree.

Thomas M. Quinn III, the Bristol County Attorney, told reporters that Arthur Darosa, 28, drove his car to a home in the city and entered it. He then stabbed 2 women, one of them was an 80-year-old who later died in the hospital while the other was undergoing treatment for fatal injuries.

Darosa then drove to Silver City Galleria Mall and crashed a car. He entered a store and attacked three people there. After that, he ran to Bartucci’s restaurant and stabbed two other people present there. A 56-year-old man who was stabbed in the restaurant died later due to the injury, reported Fox News.

The Taunton man’s father and sister told Boston Herald that he was mentally disturbed and suicidal. They also claimed that the devil has made him commit these crimes.

Darosa’s sister Kerri Devries, 31, said that he was manic and was fighting with depression for many years. She also disclosed that the day before the stabbing spree he was hospitalised. Kerri said Darosa spoke to the hospital authorities about his intense depression and expressed his wish for death.

Kerri Devries said, ““I feel so sorry for those families and what happened, but he’s not completely to blame, he was sick. He’s been talking about suicide for the past week. My brother was always a loving person and anybody who knows him knows that ….That wasn’t him. He wanted help.”

The terror-stricken shoppers and mall employees have posted about the incident in social media platforms. The mall was locked down temporarily after the attack.

Nicole Cooney, who was stuck inside the mall after the lock down, tweeted, “So apparently I’m inside the mall lock-down because someone got shot.”

Fox 25 reporter Jason Law tweeted with a picture of a sign on the front door of Bertucci Restaurant, “Sign on front door of Bertucci’s in Silver City Galleria following stabbing rampage.”

Another woman Shelby Dempsey took to Twitter and said, “Stuck in lock down at my store. Shooting at the Taunton mall so everyone stay home.”