Republican candidate for presidential elections, Senator Marco Rubio, won the Puerto Rico Primary on Sunday, which is a critical victory after a string of losses. The Puerto Rico win came after Rubio failed to make it to the first place finishes in all four of Saturday’s Republican nominating contests.

In Saturday’s polls, Texas Senator Ted Cruz won the Kansas and the Maine Caucuses, while Donald Trump won the Kentucky caucuses and Louisiana primary.

“The numbers are overwhelming,”  the Independent reported Jenniffer Gonzalez, chairwoman of Puerto Rico’s Republican Party, as saying. “This primary in Puerto Rico … will demonstrate that the Hispanic vote is important.”

With all votes counted, Rubio walked away with 71 percent votes, with Trump at 13 percent and Cruz at nine percent. Rubio has managed to walk away with all 23 Puerto Rican delegates since he surpassed the 50 percent vote mark.

Rubio was the only candidate to campaign at the Puerto Rico territory on Saturday. The delegates added would help the senator to match up better against Trump and Cruz. The territory offers many delegates as many other small states like the New Hampshire, where Rubio fared poorly last month.

Rubio, in recent months, has been concentrating on his home state Florida, which he should win in the March 15 primary to stay within the race. Since more than one million Puerto Ricans live in Florida, it may work in Rubio’s favour.

Puerto Rico has been facing a deficit of more than US$70 billion (AU$95 billion) on which Rubio took a strong stand in Congress and urged the territory to focus on its economy and mend its troubled fiscal, rather than seeking bankruptcy protection, the New York Times reported.

For Rubio, the territory is the second win after the Minnesota caucuses on Super Tuesday. Following the Saturday’s primaries, where Rubio lost in two states, Trump said that it was time that the senator dropped out of race.