The US elections 2016 is all heated up. With both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump securing the formal nomination from their parties, the battle of words is on.

It’s Clinton vs Trump for the White House. While both try to prove superiority over the other in terms of policies, one man in Russia may be eagerly watching the “game of throne.”

Vladimir Putin may be playing a role in helping America choose its next president. Well, skeptics have kept their options open.

Trump’s Russia Policy

Clinton believes Trump’s policy about Russia is “too friendly.” While the Trump campaign disagrees, here are some references which may put more light on the issue.

The annexation of Crimea is one issue that has united most Western leaders. Most of them are against Russia’s role in Ukraine. However, Trump has a different opinion about it.

The GOP presidential nominee says he may consider accepting the annexation. While the entire Western world seems to be in agreement to condemn Putin for his alleged moves in Ukraine, Trump thinks otherwise.

As the US elections 2016 comes near, the Russian president finds an unlikely supporter from his so-called rival country. Trump said on Sunday that Putin was not interfering in Ukraine. Trump seemed to be more confident than anyone else in the world about Putin’s role in Ukraine.

When Trump is reminded that Russia already has presence in Ukraine, he blames it on Obama. According to him, the whole world is a mess under the parting US president.

“The people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were,” Trump said on ABC News.

Clinton’s Take

Meanwhile, Clinton has accused the Russian intelligence of being responsible for the DNC hack. She believes the Putin government has a lot to do with the release of emails. She calls it Russia’s interference in the US democracy.

While she is still not ready to speculate about Russia’s intentions behind putting Trump at the helm, she indicates that Putin may have some interest in making it harder for her, if possible.

Trump says he is going to team up with Russia if Kremlin helps him counter ISIS. He is not going to bother about NATO in that case, he adds.

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