The US Elections 2016 have taken a new turn, with US President Barack Obama claiming that US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was “unfit” for serving the nation.

Obama criticized the GOP nominee at a press conference at the White House also attended by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hesin Loong. The Oval Office resident said that he would not be able to “function as president.” “I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. I said so last week and he keeps on proving it,” he said at the conference.

“The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn’t have basic knowledge of critical issues in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job.”

The conference was held to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is strictly opposed by Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. Obama continued to criticize Trump for almost five minutes at the conference.

The event has come following Trump’s insensitive response to the family of a Muslim-American military official. He has always opposed the Iraq war, and now, his negative response to the Iraq war fatality victim has surrounded him with controversy once again. The father of the dead soldier, Khizr Khan, took to the Democratic National Convention to criticize Trump’s views on the intake of Muslims into the US. Trump has revealed that until the vetting process was stricter, Muslims from other nations must not be allowed entry in the nation.

Obama compared the US presumptive presidential nominee with earlier US presidential nominees and said that he lacked basic knowledge and decency. His “temperament” and “judgment” are inappropriate. According to the present president, the nominee, if he became the national leader, would not have any respect for the rules and constitutional tradition or the “rule of law.”

Being a sitting president, Obama’s public criticism of Trump has been criticized as it has not been found appropriate for him to intervene in the matter.  According to Vox, it is the first time that a president has interfered in the election process and given personal views on a nominated candidate.