Hilary Clinton is close to winning the Democratic presidential election with more than 2,383 delegates, thus marking her stance as the first woman in American history to become the nominee of a major party, the Associated Press says. Her hints about debating Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, clearly suggests that Sanders has bleak chances to survive the final round as she and Trump will be left battling it out.

Results began to come in from Democratic states in six different states on Monday, which clearly indicated Clinton’s ability to amass more than 2,360 delegates in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Even if she underperforms the poll, reported The Guardian, Clinton has bright chances of winning 1,812 pledge delegates, leaving her with just 214 short of the mark.

Barrack Obama, who holds maximum support in the Democratic party, is expected to endorse Clinton, helping her focus on the general election campaign against Trump. It appears that Clinton crossed the threshold of 2,383 delegates with a sudden burst of last-minute support received from superdelegates.

To that, Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs pointed out that the report was a mere ‘rush of judgment’. According to him, the report had no validity since it “counts superdelegates that the Democratic National Committee itself says should not be counted because they haven’t voted.”

On Sunday, both Mrs Clinton and Mr Sanders campaigned in California, resulting in 60% of the vote accounting for Clinton and 35% for her rival Bernie Sanders. Read more here. It is assumed that even if Clinton loses in California, it won’t be difficult for her to secure her party’s nomination and contest Donald Trump in the presidential election in November.

Mr Sanders, however, is still hopeful about the July Democratic National Convention. He contends that the superdelegates who are now supporting Clinton could change their minds anytime, thus opening opportunities for him in the November election, reported BBC.

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