Following a warning against a US dam collapse, the authorities have asked residents to evacuate the nearby areas. California’s Oroville dam is expected to be on the verge of its collapse. Being the tallest dam of the United States with 770 feet height, the danger to be caused to the residents is more.

The threat of the anytime collapse of the US dam has made residents think of leaving their properties until the situation is under control. The Butte County people have been directly issued the warning. “Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered,” the Butte County Sheriff said in a statement. “This in NOT A Drill. This in NOT A Drill. This in NOT A Drill.”

According to the updates from the authorities, it is believed that a erosion will be caused. This could result in the uncontrolled release of water from Lake Oroville. This might lead to the increase in the capacities of various channels downstream. Seeing the expected impact of the US dam collapse, the areas with low level of Oroville and regions with downstream are warned of immediate evacuation.

US Dam Collapse & Impact

Yuba City is a densely populated downstream area and hence it has received immediate evacuation orders from authorities. The evacuation centers have been established at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds with an accommodation capacity of 16,000 residents. “The next several hours will be crucial in determining whether the concrete structure at the head of the auxiliary spillway remains intact and prevents larger, uncontrolled flows,” the Butte County Sheriff’s office said in a statement.

It is the first time in 48 years, since the US dam has been constructed, that such a spillway has been reported, RT mentioned. Situated on Lake Oroville, the dam is not only useful in flood control but it also provided residents with drinking water and hydroelectric power.

Meanwhile, the Department of Water Resources’, on the contrary, has issued a statement in which it claimed that there is no such danger to be caused because of the US dam. The damage to the dam, which led to its collapse predictions, has only affected the spillway. “Oroville Dam itself is sound and is a separate structure from the auxiliary spillway,” the statement read.

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