Fans who have been waiting for an Aladdin and Jasmine arc in Eddie Kitsis’ and Adam Horowitz’s modern fairy tale has a lot to look forward to. The Disney power couple makes their way to Once Upon a Time season 6.

So far, the show has seamlessly tackled different storylines with little loopholes as possible. It has also been a common practice for Once Upon a Time to offer a connection between new characters and the show’s main cast. A few examples of this include Anna and David meeting even before the Arendelle princess arrived in Storybrooke.

Interestingly, aside from past connections, the show also has some weird fascination with characters being related. The Wicked Witch of the West is the Evil Queen’s older sister. A very young Peter Pan is actually Rumpelstiltskin’s father.

This begs the question on whether Aladdin or Jasmine could be related somehow to any of the characters. At this point that’s all still a mystery, but we’re interested with getting to know Karen David, the actress who plays Jasmine!

Once Upon a Time Season 6: Who is Karen David?

1. She’s already been a princess before.

If you’re doubting her skills on playing a princess, no need to fret. Karen David has already been a princess before! Specifically, she played the role of Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta in musical comedy Galavant.

2. She has a golden voice!

Aside from her princess credentials, Karen David can also sing. Both a singer and songwriter, she has a few singles and albums under her belt. Notably, her 2009 EP is titled Magic Carpet Ride. So much for meant to be!

3. She has an ultimate chemistry with her real-life Aladdin

Based on the photos Perez Hilton shared of Karen David and OUAT’s Aladdin, Deniz Aldeniz, their chemistry on-screen. However, in real life, Karen’s love of her life is award-winning Swedish musician and songwriter Carl Ryden–her perfect match.

4. You’ve seen her before in big screen flicks.

Aside from television, Karen also brought her talents to the big screen. Among her notable films include the Chris Pine-starrer Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Red Lights, starring Sigourney Weaver and Robert de Niro.

Get to know more of Karen David when Once Upon a Time season 6 returns.