Captain Hook’s on screen relationship with Emma Swan is quite polarizing. Some “Once Upon A Time” viewers really love them together. Other fans, meanwhile, think Emma deserves better. Will their love last longer? Or will Emma really leave Hook next season for a new character?

“Captain Swan” haters should not celebrate just yet. According to TV Line, a new character will indeed join the series next season. But, as of now, only producers know for sure if he will get in the way of Captain Hook and Emma Swan’s relationship.

The ABC hit show will cast Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. Could Morpheus prove to be Captain Hook’s nightmare? Could this new character make Team Emma Deserves Better’s dreams come true?

Fans and haters alike might have to wait for the show’s next season to find out. The TV blog’s source, Iris Ausiello, did not define his exact relationship with Emma or even his exact role in the overall story.

However, she did confirm when fans can expect him to show up. Morpheus will make his debut on the show’s sixth season premiere. Ausiello only described the character as “an old soul in a young body.”

Morpheus will reportedly be “equally good at reading people as he is at hiding his own agenda.” What could Morpheus be up to next season? Will he be a friend or a foe in Storybrooke? Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, the show’s big bosses recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the big finale twist from the most recent season. In the last episode of Season 5, Regina tried to kill off her evil side. However, her plan backfired. She found herself facing off with a reanimated Evil Queen.

“The two roles are obviously going to be very separate,” executive producer Edward Kitsis explained. “We already saw a snippet of an Evil Queen who looked at what Regina has become and is very disappointed… If she is unleashed, she would show Regina what ripping away everyone’s happy ending truly looks like.”

“Once Upon A Time” returns to ABC with Season 6 this fall.