Once Upon a Time Season 6 is only weeks away. Based on how the fifth season ended, the show’s sixth run promises some exciting new characters and new tales to tell. However, will a bigger arc make its way to the new season? Is a crossover between the show and a big-budget movie possible?

Not quite. The idea of a TV show and a movie doing a crossover is far-fetched. However, a character from Once Upon a Time is making its debut in the big screen. What makes this interesting is the actor will play the same character he portrayed in the series.

The actor in question is none other than Liam Garrigan. Once Upon a Time fans will recognize him as King Arthur of Camelot. The Charmings and the whole gang made it to his kingdom at the first half of season 5.

Now, Mashable reports that Garrigan will also portray King Arthur in Transformers: The Last Knight. This is the fifth Transformers movie in the franchise, and second starring Mark Wahlberg. The report details that the actor is still in talks about the role.

It would certainly be interesting if Paramount confirms Garrigan’s casting. Transformers: The Last Knight will hit theaters on June 2017.

Once Upon a Time season 6

On the television front, Emma Swan, the Charmings and the rest are in for another adventure. However, unlike the previous two seasons which featured double arcs, season 6 will go with a single arc.

The remaining episode of season 5 introduced viewers to the Land of Untold Stories. Consequently, the previous run ended with Mr. Hyde taking over Storybrooke and bringing other characters from that land with him. This plot device, in turn, will be the center of season 6.

In an interview with TV Line, series creator Edward Kitsis had this to say about the new season:

“What you’ll be seeing is our characters wanting to help. And we see Emma back in the position where she’s a Savior trying to to help people find their happiness. It’s really Emma and the Yellow Bug, riding around helping people.”

Aside from Emma’s return to savior duties, season 6 will introduce new faces like Aladdin and Jasmine.

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