Warning: spoilers ahead!

The latest episode of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” (“Devil’s Due”) revealed a shocking twist: Belle (Emilie de Ravin) is pregnant with Rumple’s (Robert Carlyle) child!

“It’s going to affect both of them. As we saw in the premiere episode, Rumple lied to her. The question we get is, ‘He’s lied to her so many times, has he learned anything?’ And I think he has. When he finds out that she’s pregnant, it’s going to affect him, it’s going to affect her, it’s definitely going to affect his motivation. Rumple is a new person. We know why he grabbed that dagger, but we’re really going to understand more of where he’s coming from,” the show’s Executive Producer Edward Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly (EW).

Rumple has other issues to face with this pregnancy, considering he promised to give his second child to a healer in exchange for a cure for Baelfire, his young son with his ex-wife Milah (Rachel Shelley). That deal has now transferred to Hades (Greg Germann), forcing Rumple to work for him. It’s yet another hurdle for the couple to face. “At the core of their relationship is a really deep love, despite all the terrible things that have gone on between them. This will be another test to that love,” “Once Upon A Time” EP Adam Horowitz told EW. With a new baby on the way, one would assume that Rumple might regret becoming the Dark One. But Kitsis told EW, “I would say quite the opposite.”

According to TV Line, the pregnancy reveal in “Once Upon A Time” is not the only thing that happened in this week’s episode: Emma received help finding and saving Hook from an unlikely source, the first deal that Rumplestiltskin ever made came back to bite him. It was also revealed that when Rumple saw Belle in Storybrooke in his crystal ball, he set out to see his child and not her.

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