Excited for the 100th Episode of “Once Upon a Time?” Below, we round up the Top 10 teases for the upcoming episode.

1. The Search For Hook Won’t Be Easy.

According to International Business Times, the gang will soon find out that “the search for Hook will ‘be more difficult than they had anticipated.'” Meanwhile, IGN suggests, asking “how long” before the gang finds Hook “isn’t the right question.” They quoted Jennifer Morrison, who plays Hook’s love interest Emma. “We definitely find him, but saving him is a different thing,” she said.

2. Emma Will Get Pretty Dark As The Dark Swan.

“Being Dark Swan changed Emma drastically…I think by being free to be bad, in a way, forced her to face some of her demons,” IGN quotes Morrison as saying.

3. We’ll Know More About Emma’s Past.

The 100th episode might introduce new characters “who were really significant in her backstory,” Morrison said.

4. Regina and Robin Are Good ‘As Long As They’re Together’

“Their relationship is stronger than ever…they can confront anything as long as they’re together,” Lana Parrilla told IGN.

5. Hercules is Snow’s First Love?

Josh Dallas hinted that “there’s some history between Snow and Hercules.” Hercules “was definitely someone who meant a lot to her,” he explained.

6. Captain Silver Has ‘History’ With Captain Hook.

“They definitely have a history and a relationship,” Colin O’Donoghue told IGN.

7. Henry Still Wants To Be A Hero

“[E]ven though he broke the quill…he still wants to help in any way he can,” Jared Gilmore told IGN.

8. Lily Is A No-Show.

“Lily’s not coming back this year,” showrunner Eddy Kitsis said.

9. But Mulan, Red and Arthur Are Coming Back.

“We’ll come back in the finale…to see them,” Kitsis told IGN.

10. Happy Ending For Hook and Emma?

O’Donoghue was cryptic: “I think that will be something that will be explored at some point.”