Three suicide bombings shook Baghdad on Wednesday, killing 80 innocent lives in what seems to be the deadliest attack of the year in the capital.

The Islamic State group has claimed the attacks and said it targeted the Shiites. Iraqi police have confirmed that almost 64 people were killed by a car bomb in a Baghdad market while around 87 were injured in Sadr City where majority of the Shiites reside in, according to the figures revealed by CNN. Two officers told CNN that a suicide bomber wore an explosive vest and detonated it in the busy square of al-Kadhimiya in the Shiite neighbourhood that claimed the lives of 17 people and injured 43.

Another suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in al-Jamia’s Sunni neighbourhood in western Baghdad that killed 12 and injured around 31. According to Reuters, security measures have tightened in the capital of Iraq these days which became a reason for concern for the IS. Despite the increasing security measures, the places secured by the Shiites are frequent targets of the extremist group.

The IS militants left a message via a media outlet connected to the group called Amaq, claiming the responsibility for the Baghdad attacks. The 2014 battle against the Islamic State that prompted to the seizing of one-third of Iraq’s territory increased the rift between the Sunnis and Shiites. The Shiites came to power after the United States invasion became evident in 2003.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will now need to try and solve the political crisis that has been disturbing the governmental functions for long. The PM said that authorities have already been ordered to enhance intelligence measures to make sure sleeper cell activities are put to a halt so that there are no more attacks because of their frequent movements.

Meanwhile, mosques in Baghdad have requested the public to donate blood to help the people injured in the blast.