The Blackberry PRIV was the subject of a lot of buzz in 2015. After a successful set of years thanks to an iconic, even addictive design, Blackberry diminished in relevance no thanks to the iPhone and the Android. In 2015, the flailing company made its attempt to claw back into relevance with the Blackberry PRIV. On the 3rd of February, the device reached Australian shores through Optus.

Blackberry PRIV on Optus starts at a rather affordable $67 per month. This is the $40 Optus plan, with a $27 monthly handset payment. The plan includes unlimited calls, SMS, MMS, and 500MB + 1GB bonus data. The highest plan at $130 a month has also been discounted, coming in at only $100 a month. The Blackberry PRIV will be free at this plan, and the plan includes unlimited calls, SMS, MMS, and data.

Reception for the Blackberry PRIV has been divided. There are those who say that it may not succeed, and there are those who are excited about the handset itself. Admittedly, the use of Android on a Blackberry is a rather questionable move, though Blackberry’s executives had already said their piece about the matter: The company aims to ensure that the version of Android that they use will be tweaked to boost mobile security and encryption.

Those who are looking to grab the Blackberry PRIV as an Android Marshmallow device may have to wait a bit longer, however, as it has rolled out on Lollipop. On the other hand, Blackberry has already dropped its updates back in December, and it looks like Blackberry will strive to ensure that the updates will come in on a regular basis.

Will the rollout of the Blackberry PRIV mean a renaissance for the company? The best way to tell would be how the device and the company fare in 2016. As it is, though, Australian fans of the Blackberry will have much to rejoice about, now that it’s in the shores of Oz.