Victorian police have arrested six men over drug offence charges during a raid on homes and businesses across Melbourne.

According to 9News, police arrested 10 people from Carlton, St. Kilda, Balwyn North and Tullamarine. According to the officers, the group had a great role to play in the supply of heroin and “ice” across Melbourne. The raid was conducted with coordination among 150 officers and it took around seven months of planning for proper implementation.

Police confirmed that a team of suspected crime bosses have been arrested as the members possessed meth and cocaine along with a gun and other weapons used of committing crimes. A 51-year-old Tullamarine man has been arrested on suspicions of being the syndicate’s kingpin, who was due to be presented in court on Monday. Along with him, nine others were arrested in Carlton, St. Kilda, Balwyn North and Tullamarine.

The man was alleged of trafficking charges and was found possessing illegal drugs along with ammunitions. Carlton housing commission flat owners and residents said that the police opted for chainsaws to find out the truth behind every door. Molla Ozusen, one of the residents, said that the police knocked his door mistakenly prior to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night. They apologised when they did not find anything suspicious there, according to AAP.

“I said, you came to the wrong door,” Ozusen told AAP on Monday. “It’s next door that they have the drugs.”

Three of the suspects were due to appear in the Melbourne magistrates court on Monday. One of them is 49-year-old Carlton arrestee suspected of drug dependency, another is a 39-year-old Carlton man charged with violating court order and the third suspect who is a 41-year-old Richmond woman was arrested on account of an outstanding warrant.

Besides them, a 50-year-old Carlton man was charged with possession of cannabis. He was granted bail to appear at court on a later day. In addition, a 43-year-old man was arrested on charges of possession of drugs and proceeding with criminal deeds as planned.