When viewers tuned in to the Lifetime’s UnReal Season 2 that premiered on June 6, they were faced with something rarely seen before in the history of mainstream reality television: A black leading man on a Bachelor-like reality show. UnReal season 2 introduced Everlasting’s new suitor, but Darius Beck did not show up alone.

Last season, UnReal brought in a “friend” of the suitor to stir up some trouble. While Romeo is not immune from getting mixed up with a few girls in bikinis and taking advantage of Chet’s ability to give him anything he wants, Darius Beck is the suitor in need of a PR makeover.

While Season 1 of Lifetime’s breakout summer series mostly revolved around issues of gender and feminism, UnReal Season 2 will be playing the race card — loudly and proudly, according to star Gentry White, who is joining the cast as Darius’ cousin and manager, Romeo.

Hollywood Life exclusively learned from Gentry White himself, the actor who played Romeo in UnReal Season 2, about Romeo’s relationship with Rachel, his intentions and more.

When asked about the closeness of Romeo and Darius, Gentry White shared that “Romeo and Darius are family first and foremost. They grew up together and have always had one another’s back. Darius would not be where he is as a successful football star without Romeo, and Romeo’s career thrives based on Darius’ success.”

And from what we’ve seen in the introduction to UnReal season 2, Romeo is not afraid to get his hands dirty with the producers. Gentry White said that “He does indeed hook up with Rachel, but let’s remember that this is UnREAL. Everything has a motive. That’s all I’ll say about that.”

Aside from stirring up drama in UnReal season 2, Gentry White works on another series, AMC’s “Turn,” about George Washington’s spies in the Revolutionary War. Gentry White plays Billy Lee, the slave of Washington and a trusted member of his team.

Catch Gentry White in UnReal season 2, Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime.