A Bermagui coffee shop on the NSW south coast has faced lots of criticism for posting an unpatriotic signboard just before Australia Day.

Internet users have shown their anger by commenting on social media on the coffee shop’s signboard that violated the dignity of the day. Bega District News reported that Mister Jones Open Studio and Espresso Bar in Bermagui put up an unpatriotic blackboard sign on January 25 to refer to the availability of its services on Australia Day. “Yes, we’re open on national dickhead day,” the message on the board read.

The signboard was displayed by the cafe to advertise their opening hours on the Australia Day. The blackboard’s photograph was posted on the “Meanwhile in Australia” Facebook page on Monday night. The post received 7,000 likes and around 3,000 shares along with numerous comments. The page titled the image as “Mister Jones Coffee Shop in Bermagui Your Attitude is as Bad as Your Coffee.”

Netizens were found reacting to the blackboard sign negatively.

“Good way to lose business I would say,” Denise Arnol, one of the commenters wrote.

“If the countries (sic) so full of d***heads maybe they should take their s*** coffee and wank hipster moustaches and f*** off elsewhere,” Lewis Spencer, another commenter, said.

A regular customer of the cafe named Stuart Meyers commented negatively on the sign the cafe posted. “A local customer I was … I am no more because I must be a d***head too!!! Thank you, ‘Meanwhile in Australia’ for bringing this to my attention.”

Besides the negative reactions, it was found that some people advocated for the cafe’s right to speak up its own mind and hence they did not react to the sign.

Bermagui Chamber of Commerce President Keith Dowden indicated his disappointment on the cafe’s hosting of such an unpatriotic sign just before Australia Day. He said the owner “does have a history of being a non-conformist.” Dowden said that the sign lacked dignity and respect for the day. “He [the owner of Mister Jones] is entitled to his own views, but he has to realise a lot of people don’t feel the same way as he does,” the president stated. “But it’s not the sort of image I think the town should be projecting.”

The cafe removed its Facebook business page after the controversy took pace.