The audience share of Uncontrollably Fond left a lot to be desired. The latest KBS K-drama has slipped into third place. Could the personal relationship of its female lead star Bae Suzy be a factor for its decline?

KBS’ latest drama Uncontrollably Fond hoped to follow the success of Descendants of the Sun. However, the latest results released by Nielsen Korea do not look good for the new series starring Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin. Viewership numbers have continued to decline since its debut last July.

Alas, lead actress Bae Suzy received flak for her acting early on. Her comparison to W Two Worlds’ Han Hyo Joo did not help as well. Moreover, the comparison of two story lines would show a distinct difference between the two. Hence, one might prove more interesting to watch over the other. The entry of yet another K-drama Jealousy Incarnate aka Don’t Dare to Dream might be its undoing.

A recent speculation might bring to light another cause involving an outside factor. As it turns out, Bae Suzy’s boyfriend asked her to resign from Uncontrollably Fond. Thus, could her personal relationship interfere with her professional career? Relevant sources hinted Lee Min Ho is reportedly jealous of her current co-star Kim Woo Bin.

This is not the first case of rumors about their relationship. Of late, cheating accusations came up following several incidents. First, an old photograph of her with ex Sung Joon raised questions. However, both insist they are only good friends. Second, her Dream High co-star Kim Soo-Hyun also became the subject of speculation. Moreover, fans seemed to believe both were also a pair off-screen. Then again, Lee Min Ho was also thought to have a new girlfriend in China. To date, neither Bae Suzy nor Lee Min Ho has come forward to address speculations about their relationship.

According to Soompi, the KBS k-drama dropped to third place with 7.9% in audience viewership share after W Two Worlds (11.9%) and Jealousy Incarnate aka Don’t Dare to Dream (9.1%).

Will the ratings of Uncontrollably Fond bounce back?