“Uncharted 5” without Nathan Drake? Well, Yes. Get ready to be surprised. When we put the figure “5” next to “Uncharted,” it does mean that there are new developments ahead. Sony and Naughtydog never fail to excite their fans.

“Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is all set to release this April and a possible sequel is on the cards. As per the Sun reports, Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann reveals that it is “Really Hard” to come up with a sequel after the fourth edition.

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We all know that “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be the final chapter in the phenomenally successful boys’ own adventure serial,” notes Sun. But Druckmann has a way to toy with the idea of “Uncharted 5”.

“We’ve been with this character for so long”, states Neil Druckmann. “He’s at the height of his popularity, so it’s not a good business decision. But I feel like the best way to honor him is to go out on top, to finish his story.”

“Whether that’s it for Uncharted? I don’t know. At the end of the day Sony owns Uncharted and they can do whatever they want.”

What happens next is interesting.

“But with the end of this story, it will be really hard to do a sequel with Nathan Drake.”

We can’t do away with the fact that “Uncharted 4” is ending with Nathan’s death. As per the Christian Today post, the end was hinted back in 2011 when former company president Evan Wells talked about the main character being killed off. He also suggested that the leads were not considered sacred.

It is hard to figure out a possible storyline for “Uncharted 5” right at this moment. Two new characters were introduced – Drake’s estranged brother Sam, and a mysterious mercenary named Nadine Ross. Maybe the developers are thinking something along these lines.

“The heart of this is Nathan Drake’s struggle: how do you balance your relationship with your family and friends and your passion, the thing you’re willing to dedicate your life to and make big sacrifices for,” explains Druckmann.

“Nathan Drake has dealt with obsession his entire life and we’ve seen it hurt his relationship. We’ve seen how between each game his relationship with Elena falls apart. There’s something that happens there in that gap that was really interesting for us. What happened there?”

“That’s what we want to get into. Because maybe you can’t have both. Maybe you can’t have your family and that passion and the obsession.”