A UK man  haunted by a ghost from his past said that he experienced strange happenings in his previous apartment.  He posted a photo of his teens on Facebook. Initially, he did not notice anything odd about the photo, but slowly   his friends started pointing out that his shadow was not normal.

Conor Wright, a 23-year-old currency trader from London clicked a picture of him standing in front of a mirror when he was 16. But when he posted it in Facebook his friend’s pointed that his shadow did not match his pose.

Wright said, “‘I started getting lots of comments from friends who had noticed that the shadow didn’t match up to my pose in the picture.”

He went on, “The only thing near me was the banister, but that would long and tall and did not match the shape either. Even my head is at a different angle as the shadow.”

According to Mail Online, the UK man haunted by ghost revealed that he shifted from the apartment in 2012 and he was not shocked to discover the strange sight, as during his stay there he experienced strange occurrences.

He continued, “I would often hear strange, unexplained noises and regularly thought I could catch something in the corner of my eye – but it would be gone when I looked. ‘I would turn on taps to run a bath, look away for a moment and then they would be turned off despite no one else being there.”

However, Nannette Richford, a Bangor paranormal examiner, points out the angles missed by most of us, in her blog in examiner.com. She said that there is a logical explanation to the photo.

According to Richford a close look at the stair banister gives the first clue. The rail is decorated with leaf garland as we can see in the photo.  This means that the basket or pot of the garland is placed in a flat surface of the railing which can not been seen as it is in the far left. This, she pointed accounts for the “fuzzy head”.

The slanting down arm is the shadow of the slanting rail leading to the post with a flat top on which the basket is placed. The “sleeve bellowing below the arm” is nothing but “shadow cast from the leaf garland where it drapes below the banister”.

Richford further said that “the shadow from the post of the railing is spread downward”, which give it a look of a leg. She explained that a close look at the photo reveals that Wright’s shadow is directly behind him and only his left leg’s shadow is visible. This apparently gives the impression that the left leg belongs to the first set of shadows.

Thus, it is clear that the photo posted by UK man haunted by a ghost is not indicating towards any paranormal happenings from his past.