Another Londoner has been reported to be a key fighter for the Islamic State. Alexanda Kotey, 32, is the second ISIS fighter from London after Mohammed Emwazi, aka “Jihadi John,” whose name has been released.

Both Kotey and Emwazi are from West London. Emwazi’s claim to notoriety was beheading a number of foreign journalists and human aid workers on live camera. Kotey is also believed to be a part of the beheadings. He reportedly oversaw the beheadings of Western hostages in Syria.

According to The Washington Post, Kotey has a Ghanaian and Greek Cypriot background. The name has been revealed through a joint investigation by the Post and BuzzFeed News. A US intelligence office has confirmed the name as well.

The Islam convert grew up in West London. He, along with Emwazi, is a part of a British group called “the Beatles.”

Kotey’s family in London declined to comment, as did British security officials. According to The Guardian, 31-year-old Aine Davis, also from West London, has been confirmed to be a part of the group as well. Davis, a former drug dealer, went to Syria in 2013. Davis, Emwazi and Kotey attended the same mosque in West London.

There are, in fact, fourth British fighters identified by some of the released hostages. The fourth Briton called Paul, as well as the other three, always wore masks when they were with prisoners, said European hostages released after their governments paid ransoms.

According to former hostages, British ISIS fighters are the cruellest in the terrorist group. They performed mock executions and indulged in waterboarding and harsh beatings of hostages.

Daniel Rye, a Danish hostage released in June 2014, said an ISIS fighter, known as Ringo, kicked him 25 times in his ribs as a gift on his 25th birthday. According to Rye, Ringo, aka George, was the most violent one among the fighters.

It is yet to be confirmed if it is Kotey who is known to be Ringo or George.