A British astronaut believes that the UK could become a backward nation if the government does not commit to sending more British astronauts. In a report by BBC, Sherman said that if the government does not commit to providing funds at an ESA meeting this year, this could be the UK’s last chance to involve any space project.

Referring to Tim Peake – a British astronaut at European Space Agency(ESA), she warns: “ Tim will continue with his training at the European Space Agency but if we don’t fund anymore then he won’t get a second flight.”

Sharman became the first Briton astronaut and the first woman to visit the Mir space station in 1991. There were several private sponsors who backed Sharman’s Project Juno. However, they failed to muster the required funds. After that, then-Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev gave a thumbs-up to the mission.

On the 25th Anniversary of her mission to the Mir Space Station, she said that presently there are no proposals for sending astronauts.

“We don’t lose all the science that we have done, we don’t lose the enthusiasm of the young people for science – but where are we in the UK? Just another backward nation that is not participating on the international stage, in the future of the human race?” she said.

According to Left Root Forward, quitting the European Union could also be a dead end for Britain’s space aspirations. In a letter published in The Times, Stephen Hawkings warned that quitting the European Union would be a huge disaster and loss for UK science.

“If the UK leaves the EU and there is a loss of freedom of movement of scientists between the UK and Europe, it will be a disaster for UK science and universities,” suggested Hawkings.

Moreover, scientist says that withdrawing from the European Union will cause unrepairable destruction to UK research, where Peake is an epitome of brilliant European Corporation.