Green-brown color Pantone 448 C or “opaque couché” is the ugliest color in the world, an Australian marketing research farm stated. It has been given a new name “the ugliest color in the world.”

Marketing research farm GfK discovered the fact after three months of investigation. Their finding showed it as the most offensive color, reported Huffington Post. The research was conducted among 1000 smokers.

Initially, experts chose the deep Khaki color  to encourage the smokers to quit. It seemed one look at the color is enough to convince anyone of its negative effects on a person. But after 3 months and 7 studies, researchers decided to use a “drab dark brown color” which has striking resemblance to the “opaque couché”. Dark brown was also considered but at last minute the idea was dropped due to the color’s “appetizing undertones”, stated D’Marge.

On the basis of this research, the Australian company along with the Australian government decided to introduce new packaging rules on all tobacco products. It adopted the colour and also included a graphic health warning along with it. It is a strategy to discourage smokers from smoking.

Now according to the reports the decision has shown positive result as since 2012 there is a drop of 11 percent in tobacco sales, as per Australia’s Department of Health.

GfK found some other colours which arealso  considered ugli by the target group, such as, lime green, white, beige, dark grey and mustard. After Australia’s positive results other countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland and France followed the same steps.

However, some do not find the colour ugly. Helin Jung, executive lifestyle editor of Cosmopolitan, observes, “Sure, when it’s on a pack of smokes, it might look vaguely like poop, sludge, or “death,” as researchers found, but when found in nature, fashion, or interiors, this colour can actually be pretty stunning.”

Pantone did not take part in the GfK’s findings. But,  the company in a statement to cosmopolitan said, “At the Pantone Colour Institute, we consider all colours equally…we don’t consider PANTONE 448 to be the ‘fugliest colour in the world,’ as our colour word association studies show PANTONE 448 is a colour associated with deep, rich earth tones, the kind of shade that is used in elegant leathers and suedes for fashion accessories, outerwear, and footwear, and most especially in the home — a beautifully patina-ed antique armoire or an earthy brown tufted leather sofa.”

Notably, Pantone is best known for its “Pantone Matching System.” It is a standardize color reproduction system.  The company began as the commercial printing organisation.