After UFC news broke that the fight promotion company was sold, T.J. Dillashaw took to Team Alpha Male’s Stud Show Radio to voice his grievances towards the company. Dillashaw came off fresh from a UFC 200 win against Raphael Assuncao at the Las Vegas event. However, it seems the former UFC bantamweight champion needs more than just a victory to appease him as a UFC fighter.

The USADA tracking system

UFC has created an anti-doping program in an effort to comply with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). They tasked the UFC fighters to declare their whereabouts all the time. Thus, if and when an official comes by for a surprise testing, the USADA official knows where to go. However, Dillashaw called UFC out on this process. He declared that the way things are running, UFC fighters are treated like employees. For Dillashaw, reporting one’s whereabouts counts as part of an employer-employee relationship rather than a contractor agreement. He further blasted UFC for not giving the UFC fighters health benefits despite the employee-like treatment.

UFC-Reebok Deal

On top of the prescriptive policy for fighters’ whereabouts, Dillashaw also slammed UFC for its restrictive footwear rule. UFC news announced that the company struck a deal with Reebok instructing fighters to wear only Reebok in the Octagon. Due to this, most fighters who cashed in on footwear sponsorship lost their contracts. While the deal can be compared to the NBA’s current deal with Nike, the UFC-Reebok deal is more restrictive in that it promotes exclusivity.


Dillashaw also tackled UFC sale to WME-IMG, claiming that the fighters were clueless about it. He said the fighters were left to figure out the consequences of the company’s sale for themselves. Dillashaw maintains that UFC kept telling fighters they were not selling the company, contrary to the UFC news going around.

T.J. Dillashaw is just one of the many UFC fighters voicing their concerns over UFC’s unfair practices and management of its fighters. While many fighters are left to deal with the rather restrictive policies, they have no other choice for now but to keep on fighting in the UFC since it has arguably the best roster of fighters they can face.