After winning his UFC 205 bout against Eddie Alvarez, Conor McGregor became both the UFC lightweight and featherweight champion.  However, just a month later, he’s relinquished the featherweight belt and UFC President Dana White has offered an explanation.

According to the  MMA Fighting website, White said:  Look, I let Conor fight [Nate] Diaz and then, I let him fight Diaz again. Then, there was the whole 155-pound thing I let him do. But at the end of the day, him doing that tied up the division for a year. There’s a logjam there and a lot of guys were [angry].”

The logjam was caused by McGregor taking the time to fight in the lightweight division while holding on to the featherweight belt. This way, no one could challenge him for the title and the fighters in that division were left with only an interim championship held by Jose Aldo.

Now that McGregor has relinquished his featherweight belt, the division can set up title fight once again. Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis will be the main card n UFC 206 and the winner will challenge Jose Aldo for the belt.

There are conflicting reports about whether or not Conor McGregor voluntarily gave up his featherweight belt. White maintains that the fighter made the decision himself and there is no bad blood with the UFC. Being as outspoken as he is, the fact that McGregor has not made any public rant about the matter somehow supports White’s claims. It remains to be seen if he will eventually speak up about the matter.

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Meanwhile, McGregor had been busy getting himself a boxing license. The Sun reports that the MMA champion has obtained a boxing license in the state of California, and is seeking to obtain one in other states as well.

The move is reportedly part of his preparations to set up a mega-blockbuster fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The fighters’ camps are rumored to be in talks about a US$100 million mega bout but nothing has so far been confirmed.

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