Georges St Pierre is set to leave the UFC world after announcing it on The MMA Hour. The former welterweight champion has terminated his contract and he is now a free agent.

The announcement came as a shock since St Pierre was considered as one of the best fighters in UFC history.

In an article by Bleacher Report, the new contract offered to St Pierre did not push through after the company was sold to WWE-IMG in July. He was also offered a fight with Robbie Lawler but Lawler was defeated via knockout on the same month, resulting in the cancellation of the fight with GSP.

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“You heard it right. I’m a free agent,” St Pierre told The MMA Hour. The CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, confirmed that St Pierre would not fight at UFC 206.

The CEO told the 35-year old fighter that he didn’t have the mentality to remain in the UFC. This is probably the reason for terminating him.

According to the Mirror, St Pierre was shocked with the way things ended with UFC. He thought that they were in good terms and that they were making progress. However, his comeback would be a risk for the company.  

“They said it would be a huge financial risk to have me back and it would take a lot of money to reintroduce me to the new audience,” St Pierre said, as he shared how his contract with UFC has been pulled off the table.

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Apparently, GSP seems to have hard feelings with the UFC. His return could have been a win-win situation. But since he’s been kicked out, he called himself and the UFC losers. He concluded  that the UFC fans are the biggest losers in this situation.

Georges St Pierre is a two-time UFC welterweight champion who last held the title from 2007 to 2013. He went on a break after beating Johny Hendricks for his 9th straight title defense.

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