Are you ready for a CM Punk vs Mickey Gall fight? Well, a possible fight is on the cards if the Mickey Gall wins the UFC 196.

As per the Sports Illustrated, Dana White has gone “off the record” to state that Mickey Gall will be fighting Michael Jackson on Feb. 6 in Las Vegas at UFC 196 which should be the ultimate decision-maker.

If Gall manages to register a win in the ring against Jackson, he will clash with Punk, conforms UFC President Dana White.

“I’m bringing in Mickey Gall and he’s going to fight a kid named Michael Jackson,” White said. “They’re going to fight on the prelims on Feb. 6 on Fight Pass and if he wins that fight, Mickey Gall will fight CM Punk. CM Punk will be there at the fight to watch.”

Punk is looking for a debut this year after getting defected from WWE in 2014. He is yet to mark his presence in the Octagon.The 37-year-old Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, might see Gall as his next opponent.

The Washington Post quotes, “Gall had called out Punk after winning in his pro debut, a match for which White happened to be in attendance, as was a camera crew shooting footage for his reality show, ‘Lookin’ for a Fight’.”

“Gall, well aware of White’s presence, lived up to his name, and the UFC chief subsequently told him, ‘like where your head’s at’.”

As per the Fox Sports reports, Punk might join Gall at UFC 200 in Las Vegas.

Reports are already making the rounds that former World Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey, won’t be a part of UFC 200 citing more time for her recovery.

Dana White has released a statement saying that Rousey should be granted some time off. Rousey is currently focusing on her acting career and will be hosting the “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 23.