Things got ugly way too early between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, who are slated to fight in UFC 202 on Sunday. It seems that the pair could not wait to get to the octagon, and started a fight at their press conference on Wednesday. The event took place at the David Copperfield Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

As is customary with most sporting events, a brief preview is given to the media several days before the big event. The press got a really good sneak peek of what to expect in UFC 202, as McGregor vs. Diaz took place right at the press conference. According to a report by, McGregor got his opponent riled up by arriving half an hour late.

When he finally decided to grace the event with his presence, Diaz has had enough. He had been answering questions with his team, and did not want to have to sit around and wait for McGregor to do his part. He stood up and decided to walk away from the panel. McGregor remained on stage, while Diaz shouted insults at him from near the exit.

After an exchange of verbal abuse, Diaz decided to take things further. He threw a water bottle at McGregor. Things escalated fairly quickly from there. McGregor did not take the action sitting down. He promptly picked up water bottles and other items that he could get his hands on.

Security personnel held back Diaz and his team, and protected them from the onslaught of water bottles and cans from McGregor.

UFC President Dana White had to restrain McGregor, and had the fighter escorted to the backstage. White eventually called a halt to the proceedings. She then announced that everyone would just have to adjourn and re-group for the official weigh-ins on Saturday.

The fighters will then have to share the same stage in close proximity once again. With the situation so volatile, it would take a lot of restraint to make sure that they don’t turn the weigh-ins into the main event. As of now, the fight is still scheduled to push through on Sunday, barring any untoward incidents. Watch Fox Sport’s video of the press conference fiasco below: