“Let’s do it again,” declared Conor McGregor, as UFC 202 came to an end. McGregor vs Diaz 2 went the full five-round distance, and McGregor claimed revenge after a victory on points. Now that they are even, McGregor is pushing for a third match to settle the score.

Irishman McGregor won through a majority decision over his rival Nate Diaz in the headline bout for UFC 202. McGregor exacted revenge against Diaz, who defeated him earlier this year in UFC 196.

McGregor’s defeat against Diaz back in March caused an intense rivalry between the two fighters. During their UFC 202 press conference last week, they nearly started a brawl and ended up hurling water bottles and cans at each other. Amid exchanging insults, the competitors and members of their entourage were held back by the UFC security team in order to avoid a premature bout.

Learning from his choke-hold defeat in the previous match, McGregor stayed on his feet in the rematch. After five bloody rounds, it was all down to the score cards. The judges ruled in favor of McGregor, with a narrow scoreline of 48-47 47-47 48-47.

According to the match report by The Telegraph, McGregor drew blood out of Diaz in the fourth round. The American tried to turn the tide with a take down, but McGregor managed to stay on his feet.

Now that the score is tied at 1-1, the Irishman  is issuing a challenge for part 3 of McGregor vs Diaz. He wants a decisive bout to finally settle the score. “This time I want to do it at 155 pounds,. I came in at 170 with him as the bigger man and I overcame that adversity. Now this trilogy is on my terms. Come back down to 155 and we’ll do it,” he said.

Despite the heated exchange between the pair, they seem to have nothing but respect for each other after the match. Both athletes praised each other’s performance. Diaz also agreed to a third match. “Hey, good job today, Conor, but we’re going for three. For real. Until then I ain’t coming back,” he said.