Nate Diaz turned out to be too powerful for Conor McGregor to handle.

The MGM Grand  in Las Vegas staged a huge night of MMA action UFC 196. McGregor, who has won 15 straight fights, will face Diaz, who has two wins in his past five fights, in the main event.

McGregor takes the first!

Herb Dean reads out his instructions and the pair are mouthing off to each other. I’m not sure they were listening to him, you know.

They didn’t touch gloves, if you were wondering.

McGregor the aggressor throughout the first. Diaz never got near the centre of the Octagon. McGregor didn’t land THAT many shots but he didn’t need to. Diaz isn’t getting near him and has a cut on his right eye.

McGregor said he’d toy with Diaz and play with him for a bit. That’s exactly what he’s done.

Keys events so far

  • Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz – HERE WE GO
  • Holm and Tate are in the Octagon – here we go!

Nate Diaz pulls off a HUGE shock! McGregor swings and misses a spinning back kick. The cut around Diaz’s eye is fine and doesn’t appear to be hurting his vision.

McGregor continues to advance and press. Diaz has held up well against McGregor’s power.He waits for McGregor to wade in and locks up around his waist. Ninety seconds into the second and the right side of Diaz’s face is covered in blood. As per the reports in The Guardian.

McGregor is going for it now. Kick to the midsection followed by a jab to Diaz. Diaz’s size is paying off now.It’s over! Nate Diaz has defeated Conor McGregor.

McGregor gave his opponent credit for taking the fight at short notice and labelled his own performance inefficient.

“I took the chance going to 170,” McGregor said as stated in