Real Madrid has done it again! For the 11th time, the club has secured the UEFA Champions League trophy.

This puts the club having won the title four more times than any other club in the league.

What could have been a classic football match started slow with both teams scoreless. Atletico Madrid went through the first minutes warming up instead of playing for the finals.

Early in the game, Real Madrid had a chance to get a goal, when Gabi earns the first foul of the game against Gareth Bale. However, Oblak efficiently deflects the goal.

Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos claimed the first goal of the finals game at the 17th minute mark, destroying Atletico Madrid’s beaming confidence, The Guardian reports.

20 minutes into the game, Atletico Madrid finally wakes up and puts an effort into beating Real Madrid. After sometime, Atletico gets slapped with a penalty, while Real Madrid’s Carvajal tearfully gets out of a game due to an injury.

After almost an hour, Atletico Madrid finally gets a goal courtesy of Yannick Carrasco.

Cramp besets players from both sides and the game goes to penalties. As Atletico’s Juan Fran misses his goal, Cristiano Ronaldo scores the winning goal.

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An elated Ronaldo takes off his shirt and rips it in happiness over the win.

With Ronaldo’s winning kick, the whole stadium erupted into celebrations.

Frenchman Zinedine Zidane has done more than just bring the club its 11th Champions League title.

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Zidane is also the first Frenchman to win the Champions League title both as a player and a manager, Fox Sports reports.

And the MVP award belongs not to Cristiano Ronaldo but to Sergio Ramos.

Here is Ronaldo, reunited with his shirt again and kissing the coveted Champions League trophy.

Another look at the UEFA Champions League 2016 winning club, Real Madrid!

Fresh off the field, the team brings the trophy to the dressing room for another La Undecima celebrations.

Post-game celebrations await at the Plaza de Cibeles where security has already been tightened with a total of 3,000 forces deployed. Not too much for the elite club who’s won the most number of league titles, right?