Every time a star player gets relegated to the bench, controversy ensues. When Petr Cech sat out Arsenal vs PSG in Matchday 1 of the UEFA Champions League, eyebrows were raised. Thankfully, Colombian keeper David Ospina managed to shine.

The match ended with a 1-1 draw. However, those who watched the game could say that it could have easily been a thrashing by PSG if not for the skills of David Ospina. Give Me Sport compiled some fan reactions after the match, and it is evident that the fans took notice of Ospina’s heroics.

It didn’t seem like it was going to be a good match for Ospina after Arsenal conceded a goal in just 42 seconds. The defense was left stunned after a cross led to a smashing header by Edinson Cavan. PSG took the very early lead, and they were relentless in their offense.

PSG pounded the Arsenal goal, but Ospina kept everything out. Luckily for the Gunners, Alexis Sanchez managed to net an equalizer in the 78th minute. This means that Arsenal at least salvaged a point in the opening match of their UEFA Champions League campaign.

Colombian star Radamel Falcao also took notice of his countryman’s exceptional performance. He took to Twitter to share his own thoughts.

Arsene Wenger received some criticism ahead of the game after he named Ospina to start. He explained to BT Sport  that he made the decision based on the previous season. “We analyzed last season and this season and I decided to play him tonight, yes,” he confirmed.

He stood by his decision despite furious reactions from fans. However, his faith in Ospina was vindicated in the Arsenal vs PSG game While Petr Cech remains to be the club’s first choice keeper, Ospina showed that he’s got what it takes to play in the big leagues against some of  the best clubs in the world.