It has been revealed that the man being considered a suspect in the apparent murder-suicide on UCLA campus had a “kill list.”

A second victim has been discovered dead in Minnesota. Los Angeles Police Department Charlie Beck revealed on Thursday that the second victim was named on that list.

It is now believed that a resident of Minnesota named Mainak Sarkar had fatally shot UCLA Professor William Klug. The shooting took place on the university’s Westwood campus.

On Wednesday, after killing the professor, Sarkar turned the gun on himself, according to LAPD.

It was reported by KTLA that authorities did a follow-up investigation at the former UCLA Ph.D student’s residence in Minnesota. They based this investigation on a note they found at the crime scene.

In the course of the investigation, they came across an alleged hit list with several names on it.

Beck said during an interview that other than Klug, the list had the name of at least one other professor who taught at the campus. He said that the other professor is unharmed.

However, Beck refused to disclose the second person’s name. He mentioned later that the gunman was able to find the other professor.

According to the Daily Mail, a female’s name was also on the list. This made the investigators go to her home in a nearby town in Minnesota.

At the woman’s residence, the investigators came across an unidentified victim who was found dead. It seemed that the victim died of gunshot wounds.

It was earlier reported that Sarkar was armed with two 9mm semi-automatic pistols. According to sources, it looks like the arms have been purchased legally in Minnesota.

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Beck said that Sarkar had armed himself with multiple fully loaded magazines and extra ammunition.

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“This is a tragedy, but if there is a silver lining here, it’s that Sarkar could have done a lot more damage with the ordinance that he brought,” Beck said.