Google is a fun brand for everyone. Google’s Easter Eggs, such as the funny images, doodles and games, are classic examples of what the brand is all about.

However, there are certain things we don’t know about Google. For instance, a simple Google search can be a source of fun and a welcome distraction from stress. Most of these work on Chrome, mobile and other browsers.

So here are 15 fun things to type into your Google search.

  1. Barrell roll.
    Just typing “do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice” will make the Google search page perform a 360-degree roll. This is an old trick, but a classic.
  2. Tilting
    Type “askew” and your search page goes for a slight tilt.
  3. Star Wars text
    Star War fans, this one’s for you. Type “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” and drift away into outer space with Google mimicking the Star Wars opening text. You might want to check this out on Chrome.
  4. Blinking
    Type “<blink>” and every search that has the word “blink” will start blinking.
  5. Google like it’s 1998
    Type “google in 1998” and you will be taken into the 1998 version of the search engine.
  6. Zerg rush!
    It’s getting better. Type “zerg rush” and little “Os” from Google come flying down to try and eat your page. You’ve got to save the search results in this fun and simple game.
  7. Breakout
    Bored at work? Type “atari breakout” into your image search and challenge your friend to a good game of image search result bricks.
  8. Conway’s Game of Life
    Another tiny and fun game which was earlier devised by British mathematician John Horton Conway. Type “conway’s game of life” and try it out yourself.
  9. Super Mario bros
    Angry at your boss? Want to hit something a hundred times or more? You should probably try this. Type “super mario bros” and click the flashing box to start the fun.
  10. Flip a coin
    If you have a life decision to make and you don’t have a coin to flip, let Google flip it for you. Type “flip a coin” and let Google decide your future.
  11. Roll a die
    Something similar to flipping a coin, it’s just that it is going to be a dice this time. Type “roll a die”
  12. Bacon Number
    Now this is just smart from Google. Bacon number is the number of links between yourself or a famous person and actor Kevin Bacon. It simply says that anyone could be related to bacon, and it’s turns out to be pretty interesting. Type “bacon number” followed by a celebrity’s name and find out for yourself.
  13. Top trumps with food
    Want to see a fight between fruits? Google will show you exactly that. Type “apples vs oranges” and see who wins. You can try this with other fruits also.
  14. Google’s funny languages
    Google just plays around with languages here. There’s pirate Google, Elmer Fudd Googlehacker Google and Klingon Google. Try figuring out what that’s all about. Just put “?hl=xx-klingon” at the end of your Google URL.
  15. Recursion
    This is just a way of showing the world that Google likes to do something fun when they are bored. Type “recursion” and then Google will ask if you meant “recursion” which when you click on it, asks you whether you meant “recursion” recursively.