While appearing at Salim Mehajer’s Lidcombe mansion for his wife’s birthday celebrations, rapper Tyga was shocked to see the family’s luxurious lifestyle.

Tyga has provided Snapchat videos of a sneak peek inside former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer’s mansion. The video displayed money exhibited on the floor and a glowing staircase.

In the video, he posed with the home’s lustrous staircase and strolling down a corridor where the floor panels were ornamented with cash, says 9 News.

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The birthday celebrations of Mehajer’s wife Aysha last night was visited by Tyga along with fellow U.S. rapper. They made a bizarre appearance. Tyga was posting updates to Snapchat throughout the evening.


In one clip, he walks over glass cases showcasing notes and coins of different currencies rooted among floor tiles.


“Money in the floor, yeah, money all in the floor,” a person can be heard in the video,

A second clip showed Tyga was walking down the Mehajers’ famous glowing marble staircase. This staircase was earlier featured in a music video by rapper Bow Wow.


Although celebrating her birthday in March, Mehajer took a photo of himself at once holding Aysha’s birthday cake with Tyga and the singer Omarion, says Daily Mail.

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According to Mehajer, it was ‘just the beginning to an eventful week’.

On March 21, Mehajer wrote a unique birthday message to Aysha. There was a photo along with a picture of the couple embracing on a “picture perfect” beach.

“Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife, Aysha! I feel blessed to have such a loving and caring person in my life,” the post read. “May God protect your doll face… Love you dearly; always and forever! Now, Let the celebrations begin.”

Right now Tyga is in Australia on his West Coast Tour. It is yet to take place in Brisbane, Adelaide and Mount Claremont.

This birthday commemoration is not the first time, Mehajer has got mixed up with famous American rappers.