Tyga is certainly not over ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The 26 year old “Wake Up In It” singer was seen at the Beverly Hills Shopping Centre with Instagram model Val Mercado, who bears an uncanny resemblance to 18-year old Kylie. It is not just her looks, but also Mercado’s style and wardrobe preferences that eerily remind everyone of Kylie.

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For her day out with Tyga, Mercado, who has similar fuller lips like Kylie, wore a white shirt, matching white leggings and green sneakers. She also had her tank top tied around her waist just like Kylie. She highlighted her eyes with a bit of eyeshadow and wore her long silver hair down in a similar fashion as Tyga’s ex-girl, E! News writes.

Meanwhile, Tyga sported a short-sleeved, olive green T-shirt, black trousers, sneakers, a baseball cap and a gold wristwatch and necklace, according to pictures posted on Mail Online. Apparently, the pair enjoyed each other’s company and had huge smiles while leaving the shopping centre.

Mercado is a 23-year old Instagram star who also posts beauty tutorials on YouTube. She is from Queens, New York and was also a former Maxim Instagram Girl of the Week.  The pair were reportedly in Paris in December at the same time and have posted Eiffel Tower snaps on the same day.

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Kylie and Tyga were in a troubled relationship which was marked with cheating, money woes and pregnancy scares. Tyga allegedly cheated on Kylie and hooked up with Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso while they he was still in a relationship with Kylie. He is also known to have flirted with another underage girl.

This month, Kylie revealed her New Year resolutions in a video posted on her app, which did not feature Tyga thus giving rise to speculations that all is over between the pair. However, Kylie’s older sister Khloe told E! that Kylie and Tyga’s relationship status is very confusing.