The “Two Worlds” series has been flaked with negative reviews for its first game, but it managed to fix those issues for its sequel.  for “Two Worlds 2,” and another good news is that they are also starting to work for the next chapter, “Two Worlds 3.”

Kotaku has the story about the new “Two Worlds 2” DLC. The new DLC will be called “Call of the Tenebrae,” and it is expected to arrive in 2nd quarter of 2016. It will feature the return to the land of Antaloor where the hero will have to fend off new races that possess new powerful magics. The new DLC promises new addition to the game. Here are the highlights for “Call of the Tenebrae”:

  • Amazing graphical improvement with the new engine upgrade
  • Several hours of thrilling gameplay await you in the main campaign, in addition to numerous missions and side-quests, all set in the Two Worlds universe.
  • Brand new, highly stylized armor and weapons await you regardless of your offensive focus. Choose from a wide variety of axes, maces, daggers, swords and spears, in addition to ranged weapons like magical staves, bows and arrows, rifles and crossbows.
  • A wide array of new weapon and armor enhancing crystals are scattered across the land, waiting for an intrepid explorer to discover them, granting your weapons new abilities and attributes.
  • Revamped and enhanced alchemy system with new ingredients and techniques for brewing all new tonics and potions, granting the player new options for offensive, defensive and restorative potions.
  • Explore the archipelago like never before; investigate new locations, from haunting crypts and swamps crawling with the walking dead to sprawling villages and abandoned towns.
  • Introducing a brand new race, a horrifying cross between rat and human called The Chosen, with motivations and aspirations known only to them. You must learn who among them is friend and who is foe before Antaloor is overrun.
  • Ferocious new bosses, each requiring fast hands and quick thinking as you discover and exploit their carefully guarded weaknesses.
  • New enemy tactics and strategies will keep you guessing, forcing you to master your attacks and keep your guard up.
  • An original, thrilling new story addition in the Two Worlds universe with friends and foes both new and old
  • An epic soundtrack featuring an hour of all new music, plus a bevy of new sound effects and thematic music

More details about “Two Words 2” can be found at their official Two Worlds website. The game is available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.