Paramedics were treating a disoriented patient in Melbourne when two women attacked them. Mick Stephenson, Acting General Manager, emergency Operations has described the attack as “gutless.” And while one of the paramedics recuperates from surgery, the women will face court for assault-related offences.

Two paramedics were acting in response to a call. They were assisting a disoriented elderly patient in Reservoir, Melbourne. According to The Age reveals the paramedics did not allow the women to assist them. They came back once again with another young man and attacked out at the paramedics. They also rammed the ambulance before escaping the scene.

Sky News informs that the attack has left one of the medics requiring surgery. “He was kicked and punched repeatedly and knocked to the ground three or four times and unfortunately in one of the instances when he fell he’s broken his foot quite badly,” said Stephenson. “This is a gutless attack on paramedics as they were in the community going to the aid of a patient. We do not tolerate violence, threats or abuse towards our paramedics and will support our paramedics and police in bringing action against those involved,” he added.

The assailants include two women and a boy. Caris Underwood, 19-year-old from Reservoir, 30-year-old Amanda Warren from Epping and a 15-year-old boy from Ivanhoe have been charged.

The boy has been charged with intentionally causing serious injury, serious assault of an emergency service worker and other assault offences. As against this the 19-year-old has been charged with assault-related offences. The 30-year-old has been charged with assault, theft and traffic-related states 9 News.

The women were to face the court today, while the boy will be brought before the judge on Monday. However, ABC News explains that the women chose not to appear in the court and thus have been remanded in custody. It is believed that the women are on prescription medication and Warren has psychiatric issues.