A pair of Sydney men narrowly missed being hit by a lightning strike that struck just meters away from them. The terrifying incident has been captured on a video. Check out below:


When you’re almost struck by lightning

Posted by Daniel Fernandez Dudman on Friday, January 29, 2016

The two men, Nick Panayiotou and Daniel Dudman, luckily escaped the nature’s fury while taking cover in a boat shed during destructive lightning and thunderstorms that hit the city over the weekend, Mail Online writes. The lighting struck moments after the two took shelter at Oyster Bay and mutually decided not to go out.

“Dude, don’t go outside,” one of the men can be heard saying on the video.

“No I’m not…,” replied the other. However, before the second man could speak any further a massive lighting bolt hit the water body in front of them. The lightning hit the water just metres away from where they were standing in their shed. The two frightened men screamed and yelled on top of their voices. “Oh my God, holy sh**,” said one of them.

After the incident, the duo spoke to Channel Seven’s Sunrise about their unforgettable experience. “We certainly felt it from over here. There was a lot of static… That I reckon is the scariest thing, we were metres away from it,” Panayiotou said. He added the sound of the lightning strike was almost “deafening” to his ears.

“It was like an explosion,” Dudman added.

Sunday saw thousands of Sydney homes and businesses suffering from severe thunderstorms for the second consecutive day. Rain and thunderstorms lashed NSW late Sunday, with winds of more than 100km/h. The nasty weather brought down trees and powerlines.

Power was disrupted from 70,000 homes and businesses across Sydney over he weekend. West of Sydney suffered from flooded roads thus making driving impossible for the residents. SES received more than 1200 calls for assistance after the storms.