Two puppeteers have been detained in Spain for praising terrorism in their performance in Madrid on Saturday.

A Spanish court charged Alfonso Lazaro de la Fuente and Raul Garcia Perez, who performed a play featuring police beating, killing a nun through crucifix and hanging a statue of judge, which shocked the audience.

The show was a part of Madrid’s Carnival celebration and was suspended later. Both the puppeteers worked for a company called “Titeres desde abajo”(Puppets from Below), which specializes in children entertainment.

It referred to banned Basque separatist group, which displayed a sign “Gora Alka-ETA, in which “Gora ETA” means – Long Live ETA. Whereas ALKA was used to to create a slogan “Long Live Al-Qaeda,” Judge Ismael Moreno said, in Expatica reports.

ETA is a separatist group in northern Spain and southwestern France. It is tagged as a terrorist group by Spain, the U.S., France and the European Union. Since its inception in 1959, the group promoted the Basque Culture. In last four decades, the group claims that it killed 829, wounded thousands and undertook dozens of kidnappings.

Recently, four of the suspected members of the group were held responsible for planning missile attacks in 2001 on a plane carrying then prime minister Jose Maria Aznar. They were also accused of plotting three attacks against Aznar’s plane in the northern Basque Country, during his campaign for regional elections. The group announced its separation in 2011 but it has yet to formally disarm its operations, reports BBC.

In Spain, any type of support to terrorism has always been considered a crime, since 1995.

Manuela Carmena, Madrid’s new leftist mayor called the play an “offensive act” for depicting inappropriate ideologies praising terrorism.

Anti-terror group AVT said that it wanted to file a complain against the show and Madrid’s culture councillor Celia Mayer.