Controversial F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets have made their debut in Australia on Monday afternoon. The fifth-generation aircraft is all set to take part in the Australian International Air Show at Avalon, Melbourne, later this week.

F-35s will be on a public display at the Avalon Air Show in Victoria. It is reported that Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Defense Minister Marise Payne will be there at the event. However, before the appearance at the air show, the jets have already showcased their activity by landing at the RAAF Amberley Base in Queensland from their US base.

The Australian debut of F-35 jets has come following years of delays and cost blow-outs. The jets have been placed at Luke Air Force Base. Four Royal Australian Air Force pilots are at the base for training to ensure proper handling of the aircraft.

It has been 15 years since the Federal Government announced the participation of the nation in the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter program led by the United States. The program will feature “system development and demonstration phase” of the US program.

The defense minister said in January that the impending visit of the combat planes might have sent some significant indications to critics. “I think it’s an important undertaking and I think Avalon is a perfect time to do it,” Senator Payne told the ABC. “I know that the Air Force is particularly pleased to have the opportunity and I look forward to some chances for people who have been following this story for some time to actually see it over our own continent.”

The two F-35 jets are expected to receive $17 billion funding from the federal government. The nation is planning to purchase 72 air crafts to ensure replacement if the aging FA-18A/B Classic Homets. The first expected service to Australia is to be delivered in late 2018.

F-35 vs Beijing ‘Quantum’ Radar

Though F-35 is considered as one of the most technologically advanced defense equipment, Beijing’s “quantum” radar appears to be more efficient and powerful. The Chinese have successfully tested the new type of defense equipment, which is capable of defeating stealth technology ranging to up to 100 kilometers.

Even a single stroke of the radar would be able to make the JSF program obsolete. This will also include some of the 72 F-35s.

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