Australian surfers, Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman have been reportedly missing since Sunday, 22nd November as they failed to arrive in Guadalajara, Mexico for their scheduled rendezvous with a friend. Families of the surfer duo are fearing the worst for their sons as the burnt-out remains of a camper van similar to what the men were driving has been found in Mexico.

The Chevrolet van was found in the farmland at Navolato, a city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, by  a witness from a nearby convenience store where the duo was last seen buying a map on the night of November 2o.  Two bodies were found inside the van, however Mexican authorities cannot identify the victims as they are burnt too badly. The bodies are was taken to Mexico’s Forensic Medical Service.

“I had told them of insecurity (security), but never told them of the horrible things that could happen. I feel a little responsible for that.” says Andrea Gomez, Mr Coleman’s girlfriend to the Associated Press. Dean’s girlfriend, Josie Cox, who is based in London is flying out to Mexico with Ms. Gomez on Monday 30th to see if they the bodies found are indeed Dean and Adam’s.

“Everything points to it being them because the van matches, it had a bicycle” said Ms. Gomez.

A statement has been issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs stating “Members of Dean and Adam’s families will be traveling to Mexico in the coming days and working with Australian consular officials and Mexican authorities. We ask for privacy during this enormously difficult time”.

A senior Mexican Government official has confirmed last Monday that the campervan found in Navolato was indeed that of Dean and Adam. Sinaloa’s Attorney-General, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, announced that the registration number of the burned vehicle matched the old Chevy van that the two friends bought in Canada. This was reported by Mexico’s Excelsior news site.

Mr. Gomez also relates that the Canadian officials confirmed the match.  Meanwhile, the DNA testing on the charred bodies found inside the van is ongoing and the results are not yet final.

An online donation has been set up to ‘bring the boys home’ by Mr Coleman’s mother. On the post she said: “Our sons life has left us, but they will be with us forever in our hearts … “. Over $25,000 has been raised by 261 people who have helped supported the cause.

Images of the two men have been spread throughout social media with the hastag ‘#FindAdamAndDean’.