Even after being aware of the presence of Islamic State, Twitter does not actively notify authorities about the threats and content shared by the militants, according to a senior executive.

Nickel Pickles, UK public policy manager at the microblogging site, said that as the platform is publicly used, the posted content was visible to everyone.

Google, on the other hand, is planning to introduce a news scheme, which would help analyse the extremist-related entries into its search engine “being shown anti-radicalisation links as part of attempts to highlight “counter-narratives”,” according to a report by Belfast Telegraph.

According to officials there are more than 50,000 supporters of the terror group, also known as Daesh, Isil or Isis. All the social networking activities of Islamic State are under surveillance. The authorities are trying to get the hidden agendas of the terrorist groups.

Mr Pickles and representatives from Google and Facebook were asked about the actions they apply to notify the organisations about the terrorist activities.

“What is the threshold beyond which you decide … that you must pro-actively notify the law enforcement agencies?” asked Labour MP Chuka Umunna.

Mr Pickles reply was quoted in a report by BT:  “We don’t pro-actively notify. One of the things… because Twitter’s public, that content is available so often it’s been seen already.Then law enforcement have established criteria to come to us and then request information.”  .

“One of the reasons is, if we are taking down tens of thousands of accounts, that’s a huge amount of information and we are not in a position to judge credibility of those threats,” he added.

“So actually you may end up in a position where you swamp law enforcement with unwanted information.”

According to the Commons Home Affairs Committee, thousands of accounts related to extremism were removed from Twitter last year.

Chairman Keith Vaz asked how many staff member actually monitor the content.

According to sources, he was told Twitter has more than 100 staff. Facebook and Google executives did not give any number.

Last year Twitter fell into the controversy for tipping off users requests for their account information, wrote Belfast Telegraph.