Twitter is about to celebrate its 10th birthday. To ring this event, we round up 10 facts you should know about this “trending” micro-blogging network.

1. Twitter inspired by cab dispatcher system?

Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. According to CNET, the group wanted to “create a ‘public messaging’ service, akin to the way cab drivers and dispatchers communicate.”

2. First tweet contained contracted word.

Co-founder Dorsey had the honour of sending out the first tweet. Note how he spelled “Twitter” without vowels.

3. Twitter was not available right away.

According to Fortune, the service only became publicly available months after Dorsey’s first tweet.

4. Open source advocate Chris Messina invented the hashtag. 

According to CNET, Messina proposed the use of the number sign to “tag topics of interest” on the social media platform. He should not be confused with Chris Messina, the “Mindy Project” actor.

5. Three singers and a president have the most followers on Twitter.

According to Twitter Counter, Katy Perry has the most followed account on Twitter at around 84 million followers. She is followed by pop stars Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, and US President Barack Obama.

6. Top tweeter has sent out almost 37.8 million tweets.

According to Twitter Counter, user @VENETHIS has sent out the most number of tweets.

7. Operations against Osama bin Laden was unknowingly live tweeted. 

CNET reports, an IT consultant in Pakistan was responsible for the tweet.

8. Twitter’s popularity first “exploded” in an arts festival.

According to Fortune, 2007 South by Southwest festival further propelled Twitter usage. 

9. Ellen has the most retweeted tweet.

10. Founders’ goal was simple.

According to CNET, Twitter founders wanted to give people “a simple way to say something, to anyone, that everyone in the world can see instantly.” And the micro-blogging site did just that. Happy 10th birthday, Twitter!