Relevant sources revealed that the audience may see Aidan Turner as the next James Bond, in place of Daniel Craig. According to Daily Mail Turner has now been considered as the top choice for the lead of next 007 series. Following the BBC drama’s first instalment, viewers took to the Twitter to share their excitement what a great 007 the 32-year-old would make.

Aidan Turner is known for the fantasy adventure series “The Hobbit”.  The handsome Irish actor has a huge fan-base.  Many admire him for his looks and great body in the BBC’s ‘Poldark’ series. Now Aidan is all set to be looked like a tough gentleman to play super spy, conveys Huffington Post

Turner is making his ways to this spy series after beating tough competitors like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston etc. Tom Hiddleston loses the chance because of his recent hot scene with his co-star Elizabeth Debicki in “The Night Manager.”  It is a mini-series based on John LeCarre’s book with the same name. Tom is playing the secret agent, Jonathan Pine and Debicki plays  Jed Marshall. Sources say the X-rated scene which was telecast on 14th this month, is proving to be a laughing stock for people.  Well, the latest episode’s sex scene is not the first time where the two are trying to perfect an on-screen intimate chemistry. But it is believed to be the most lustful one, so far.  It appears that Tom’s fans are leaving no scope of passing sarcastic comments on the the scene. According to Parent Hiddlestone’s butt could not hide from Twitter users’ attention and they reacted to what they saw on “The Night Manager’s” episode 4.

It seems like the overflowing comments on the scene has snatched away the role of James Bond from Tom Hiddleston, who was very much keen to get the role.