The latest survey has revealed that the marriage equality plebiscite might have to wait for approval as only 48 percent of Australians seem to support the notion.

The Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) commissioned the poll, and found that 30 percent of the respondents were against the plebiscite while 20 percent were unsure what their opinion would be.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised to make LGBT love legal in Australia while campaigning for Aussie elections 2016. However, he could delay the required action as the latest survey has found that the support for the plebiscite is lower than what the prime minister expected and claimed. Galaxy considered 1,000 Australian voters and asked them if they support same-sex marriage.

Recently, in an interview with ABC’s 7:30 program, Turnbull said that the plebiscite may be delayed to late 2016 as indicated by his party. However, when the plebiscite becomes law will completely be decided by Parliament.  “We would like the plebiscite to be held as soon as practicable, but again, that will depend on when the legislation is passed,” Turnbull stated when asked to provide an actual plebiscite date.

While conducting the survey, when the respondents were informed that the plebiscite will incur costs of up to $160 million, the backing for the idea reduced to 25 percent.  On the program, Turnbull claimed that “there is overwhelming support in the community for the plebiscite.” He added that people are excited to experience their own say on the issue.

“The government must heed the Australian public by dropping its plan for a costly, damaging and pointless plebiscite and allowing a free vote in parliament asap,” PFLAG national spokeswoman Shelley Argent said as quoted by The Guardian.  “The Australian public just voted for a new parliament in which a majority of members support marriage equality.”

The dramatic fall in the support for LGBT marriage equality has surprised many, including Australian Marriage Equality national Director Rodney Crome. He said that making the cost implied on implementing the plebiscite is the main reason behind the downgrading support.