Have you thought of using butter in your coffee? Well if you have, you must have heard of Dave Asprey. This is the biohacker who coined the bulletproof quick weight loss diet. Dave claims to have manipulated the body’s mechanism to work better and to achieve amazing results. Just how did he manage to do this with little exercise? Below are some of the pointers to his protocol.

First off, he cut out gluten from the diet. Gluten is said to reduce cerebral blood flow and cause inflammation in the body. Dave says it may not be doing wonders to one’s health thus the reason why this quick weight loss plan advocates gluten-free diet.

Dave also go for a quick weight loss plan that does away with sugar or starch before dinner. The logic behind this line of thought is that the sugar or starch taken before dinner makes weight loss very difficult since it fluctuates the levels of sugar available in the blood and is also responsible for sugar cravings and swings. What’s more, avoiding sugar and starch helps one sleep well and wake up totally rested.

In recent weight loss news, there has also been advocacy for the use of grass fed butter as opposed to dairy which comes from milk and cheese. The reasoning behind this line of thought is that fat contained in butter helps build healthy cell membranes and aids in hormone production. Dairy protein, on the other hand, activates cravings.

If possible, Dave also recommends people to eat food that comes high in polyphenol antioxidants. Among foods high in the antioxidants include gut vanilla, chocolate and green leafy vegetables. These help one to stay fit by naturally feeding the gut bacteria. This, in turn, means that the body’s digestive system works extremely well.

It is also important to make use of avocados. These come as a natural source of fat as well as phytonutrients that will help one in a healthy weight loss plan. Eating one fruit a day will contribute in activating one’s system to open up to the goodness of this fruit.

Another food to include in the diet is egg yolk. The yolk is very rich in protein and is very important in building brain health because of the protein content in it. It helps builds nerve lining which is referred to as the myelin sheath. Egg yolk has also been shown to promote hormone production in the body and raise the level of high-density lipoproteins. This is the good and healthy fat in the body.

It is also advisable to drink bulletproof coffee on a daily basis, preferably early in the morning. This coffee should be made from mold free coffee beans, Brian octane oil as well as unsalted grass fed butter. If you wish to lose weight faster, collagen protein should be added to the mix. This helps one get a boost of protein and does not cause inflammation in the presence of other proteins which is of great value.

Another change that Dave brings with his bulletproof idea is that one ought not to cook with olive or canola oil but rather a use of grass fed butter or coconut oil is employed. The idea behind this weight loss news is that the two oils that ought to be used hold up much better under heat as opposed to olive and canola oil.

Raw kale is a no-go zone because it contains oxalic acid. Dave states that kale ought to be cooked and the water drained before serving. It is said consuming the kale raw poses serious risk to the consumer who is at risk of getting kidney stones.

Finally, it is advisable to moderately eat proteins and not to use high protein. The use of industrial raised meat ought to be avoided and instead, free range animals must be consumed. The ideal meat sources should come from wild fish, as well as grass fed herbivores for the best value.

Before engaging in a new quick weight loss plan, it is advisable that you run it by your doctor. This makes it quite easy for one to enjoy the benefits of the best weight loss regime.