The 2016 US presidential race is running at full pace now. Here is how the week was for the four major candidates.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump charged Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for regular disturbance at the campaign rallies. He said he would “send his supporters to Sanders’ rallies,” as an answer.

Sanders reacted to the comment by asking Trump to send his supporters as he is up for the challenge.

Trump dodged a veteran’s question

“You made a comment to McCain that captured soldiers are not heroes. Veteran Keith Maupin’s son was captured and killed in Iraq while serving in the U.S. military.” Maupin asked Trump to clarify his comment. Trump denied making such comments.

Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders vows for a “virtually universal access” to drugs that would treat HIV/AIDS.

Sanders said that Trump was lying when he said the Sanders’ campaign sent the protesters for disrupting Trump’s Chicago rally, says Arizona Daily Sun.

He said that Trump’s campaign “knows that he tells the truth very, very rarely” and “he’s lying again.”

John Kasich

According to John Kasich, he asked his aides to provide him with a list of Donald Trump’s violence-invoking quotes at rallies. This happened right after conflicts between protesters and supporters led to the termination of a Trump rally on Friday night.

While talking to The Associated Press about Trump’s violent quotes like punching a protestor on the face, Kasich said that Trump’s “toxic” tone has made it even more important for him to win Tuesday’s primary in Ohio. He also said that “this is not what Ohio goes for.”

A voter at a town hall in Strongsville, Ohio suggested Kasich that he should offer Marco Rubio the vice presidency after Tuesday’s primaries in Ohio and Florida. Kasich laughed after hearing the suggestion.

Kasich asked the man, “where do you come up with this stuff?”

“I just think he would be a good vice president,” the man responded.

Kasich asked presidential candidate Trump to “back off” his negativity and become “more aspirational.” He asked Trump to tell people that “we can get it together” and not throw blame.

Kasich said that on Sunday about Trump’s Friday night rally where an anxious evening between protesters and Trump supporters drove him to cancel an event in Chicago and a melee followed.

Marco Rubio

At a Central Florida rally, a man rose to repeatedly accuse Marco Rubio of stealing his girlfriend. Rubio had just started talking.

Rubio reminded that he didn’t do well in the New Hampshire primary. The man was later escorted out.

In reference to Trump’s violent quote, Rubio said that America is turning into “a nation where people hate each other.”  According to The Washington Post, Rubio marked that televised images of violence made America look like a Third World nation.