Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump who states that he does not need any financial support for winning the elections is quite wrong because the donor organizations have something else to say.

Report by Reuters states that Trump’s opponents are spending millions of dollars for him to not win. Donors to the independent political organizations claim that though Trump is financially independent, donations in various forms can help him win the White House. A total of 767 people has sent in small cash – $33 here, $132 there – hoping it would help prepare him to face the defenders.

“He needs all the help he can get,” said Diane Abair, a real estate agent in Redding, California. She has sent $50 to the group, Great America PAC.

“I’m not somebody that he can be beholden to,” she said. For billionaire businessman Trump, who is not backed by large donor organizations, such donations won’t “tarnish” his image as a candidate running for White House elections.

Trump himself is facing a lot of attacks from other Republicans. He even made comments such as to disallow Muslims from entering America. Donors from the opposition are spending huge sums of money to defeat him, who has so “far spent less than his opponents.”

Eric Beach, cochair of Great America said that $1317991.93 have been spent on pro-Trump ads from the fund, which is enough. Beach, a California businessman and political strategist, gave $32949.8.

“When it comes time for the general election I hope the PAC has got some money left because he’s going to need it,” said Scott Abadie, 54, a veterinarian in New Orleans who donated $132 to Great America PAC.

About $6.59 of each donation is given to Trump’s campaign. Donations in small sum are also named.”They too can be recognized for even a small donation,” cofounder Amy Kremer of the group said.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s spokesperson has not responded on this donation issue.